The Wales House is now closed.

Dear friends of The Wales House:

After over two decades of love and laughter, we are both happy and sad to announce that the time has come for us to move on to our next adventure. For the past 25 years we have called Wales House our home, livelihood and a vibrant piece of our social life. Creating Wales House and raising our children, Lucia and Peter among so many interesting and dynamic people from literally all over the world has been a truly remarkable experience for us all. 

We feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to provide a personal and inviting place for people not just to stay, but to feel at home. We wanted the house to reflect our values and provide a sense of friendship, hospitality and community. The list of guests who have returned numerous times and are counted as friends is long, and the variety of departments who trusted us with their visitors is impressive. There is no better testimonial for what's been created here. If you were one of our more than 6,000 guests, we thank you for allowing us to host you during your time in the Twin Cities. You have changed our lives. If you recommended us to visitors coming to your department, we thank you for your assistance to help sustain this place. Word of mouth has always been our most valuable asset.

This website will remain up for the foreseeable future, so please feel free to send us an email with any comments or reflections you would care to share with us; we'd love to read what you have to say. A writing project about the experience is in the works and we would be happy to let you know if and when that happens. In any case, we again thank you for your support of Wales House over all these years.

With gratitude and warmest regards,

The Carvers